Online Technology That Allows Your Business To Thrive

Technological advancements don’t only have to make sense to large corporations, as small businesses slowly start expanding their operations in the wonderful world of the internet. With businesses receiving funding of up to 600% from sites such as Indiegogo, the traditional means of running a business are soon becoming obsolete.

With this in mind, it’s important to pull the right levers. Many of these programs or applications are easier to use than online banking and will do a lot to promote productivity.

Team Management Programs That Work Better Than Mailing A Spreadsheet Around

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate structure and someone asked you to update your feedback on the shared document, then the following programs are for you.


This is one of those programs that allow teams to work on projects together, while each person has access to their own stuff. Reminders and schedules also work well here. This is especially helpful for small businesses that have a number of projects to delegate to different people, or where team members work off site. This is also a great win for those who can’t afford to lose information.

Google Docs

If you’re not quite ready to enter the world of managing the world of teams and projects, then simply allowing your staff access to documents from a shared space, this is the place to do it. This alleviates the frustration of sending spreadsheets around.


This is a convenient hub-like space that allows teams to allocate projects, to-do lists, and meet around the campfire. It also allows users access to a mobile app to keep track of projects on the go.


This one is for those who don’t necessarily need to create diary entries or to do lists. Rather, it is a single point of contact for a team. Slack also allows users to create different groups and allocate users to those groups. Documents can be shared on Slack.

Simple Invoicing That Never Goes Missing

Have you ever written out manual invoices only to loose the entire invoice book? This is not only an issue for billing but also wrecks havoc with the accounting system. Online invoicing systems that allow you to store the information and provide easy access, are the way forward. The best part is that they have reminder options that gently nudge your customers into payment without you having to lift a finger.

Keep an eye out for programs such as Hello Bonsai. This program provides an easy platform that allows the user to create invoices. It also has other neat features as well such as contracting options. In fact, this program is known as a freelancer’s friend.

Keep It On The Cloud

Remember the days where Dropbox was only needed to store those family photos? It turns out that it also provides users with the ideal amount of cloud storage to run their businesses as well. Sharing documents, ideas, images, and products with customers just became a whole lot easier.

Other providers that provide a host of gadgets for businesses as far as cloud storage is concerned, include iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

Transact Without Hassle

Blockchain technology is proving to be something to look forward to in future. It is the vehicle behind Bitcoin, which provides users with access to virtual currency. Although the technology isn’t actively used as yet in small businesses, 2017 seems to be the year where blockchain will make some waves. How this will affect the ease of financial transactions for small businesses and entrepreneurs remains to be seen.

There are definite advantages to online business dealings. For those days where the power grid takes a knock or your service provider goes AWOL, there should be a plan B.