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Bread and Butter Websites that are Invaluable to Freelance Writers

Any person who has ever had the desire to become a writer in any form or function and who find themselves stuck in a 9-to-5er will resonate with this. You’re at a social gathering and you meet that person who says they’re a freelance writer. Now that you think about it, she looks like a writer. She has a twinkle in her eye and she seems to study everything around her. She doesn’t look exhausted and when she talks about her job, she has this confidence about her. You want to be her. You want it so badly that you know you’re willing to sacrifice a steady flow of income just to have that same air of confidence about you.

But, and there is a HUGE but, it’s tough. It’s tougher than anything you’ve done before because suddenly you’re doubting yourself. You’re selling yourself harder than ever before and there are those valleys and dips of rejection that just suck the life out of you. But then, there are those places where you can go to and pick up some pretty neat clients. Some of these places you need to work your way up to land the nice gigs. But when the money is tight and you need to fill up the coffers, these are invaluable and should form part of your options.

Constant Content

Constant Content

Screenshot of Constant Content Home Page

  • Great editors
  • Account managers
  • A marketplace where you sell your own articles
  • You pick the prices
  • Private and public requests are available as well
  • The ability to communicate with the client
  • An author widget you can place on your website with a link to your CC articles

You know all those brilliant articles you write for clients and they request a hundred re-writes and still end up rejecting it? Well, if the quality is good and the content is sellable, then you might want to add it the marketplace here. This is also a great solution for writers who want to write their own topics and set their own prices. I’ve landed some pretty amazing customers on this site and the editors know what they’re doing. The site also has account managers that will send out requests to freelance writers to join in on writing pool requests, which often end up being long-term projects. This is great for your pocket and also works well to increase your experience.


freelance writers zerys

Screenshot of Zerys Homepage

  • Private and public requests
  • Better rates than other content mills
  • The ability to communicate with the client
  • An editing option as well

I opened an account with these guys quite some time ago and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They made some changes to their marketplace and suddenly my inbox was inundated with new jobs, whoop! For each new client, a writer writes a 250-word audition piece which the client can accept or decline. Clients even have the option of paying for that audition piece. For a freelance writer, this site is a good option as you have the ability to set your rate. Be careful of your ratings, however, as clients consider this when hiring new writers.



Screenshot of DotWriter Homepage

  • A marketplace where you can sell your own content
  • A fairly decent rate
  • An affiliate option which allows you to earn some cash on referrals
  • Although there is no communication with the client yet, the support staff is great

The new kid on the block on this list and I must say that I really like it. The platform is simple to use and there are editors who review your articles before it goes up on their marketplace. Customers also have the option to request custom content, which is amazing for freelance writers. Customers can allocate projects to their favorite writers. Although the rate is slightly lower than on some of the other sites, it’s far better than most content mills.

Article Bunny

article bunny

Screenshot of Article Bunny Home Page

  • Fantastic rates
  • Good editors
  • Well-organized structures and systems
  • Guaranteed payment if accepted by the editors

You slog for hours doing research on one mundane topic after another. You spend just as long editing the piece and when you finally submit it, the client decides it’s not entirely what they want. This is where Article Bunny comes in. If their editors accept your article, you will be compensated whether the client wants it or not. They also have open communication with the writer and have some neat incentives such as Speedy requests, bonuses, and more. You set your rates, do the work, and get paid what you’re worth. Isn’t this why you became a freelance writer?



Screenshot of Upwork Home Page

  • Set your own rates and pick the projects that match your skills
  • Increase your ratings with customer feedback
  • The chance to earn a decent living
  • The opportunity to showcase your profile
  • Some helpful newbie tips that allow you to make the right choices where clients are concerned

As far as bidding sites go, this one is right at the top of the list. Sure, there is a hefty rate but the wide variety of clients make up for it. If you happen to have a good profile that pops out to customers, you can expect to receive some pretty good offers. Be sure to check that the client’s payment is verified and stick to the rules of the site. With those things in place, you shouldn’t get stuck for work or payment at all. The good thing about having a profile on this site, is that some companies require you to have an Upwork profile before they will allow you to work on their job listings. As a freelance writer, it’s always a good thing to have a positive Upwork profile.

Blogging Pro


Screenshot of BloggingPro Home Page

  • A job board that has a combination of writing jobs
  • Helpful hints and tips
  • Dated posts to give you an idea how old the ad is
  • Clients pay for the ads, which means they have a vested interest

Yes, there are some hairy and scary clients that creep off the job boards. There are also some terrific clients that you get to work with without the agencies or mills getting involved. What’s important to remember is to trust your gut. Also, it’s important to have a contract in place. If the client offers you a contract, you will need to read through it and see if it doesn’t have any additional claims. I once received a contract from a potential client that stated that if anything goes wrong with the content I provided, I would be liable to pay a $ 10,000 fine. Be careful!



Screenshot of Craigslist Home Page

  • Job boards across THE WORLD YEAH!
  • No agency fees and meddling
  • The opportunity to build up a diverse portfolio

Yes, there is good business on the list. Yes, there are also many scam artists who will try to flake you out of words without even batting an eye. It’s up to you to do due diligence and make sure that your prospective clients are above board.

Although there are many resources out there, these are the ones that prove to have great results time after time. When you feel it’s time to stick your toes in the wild waters of freelance writers, these are some of the sites you want to frequent on a daily basis.