Focus on finance writing for financial blogs, banks, and fintechs. A strong background in entrepreneurship, insurance, and real estate. Experienced in articles, blogs, ebooks, guides, and reviews.

About me

There are few things that shouldn't be out of reach for consumers. A deeper understanding of how financial products work is just one of them. Technical terms and conditions and financial jargon shouldn't be part of everyday financial products. I'm here to break down terminology and reach the reader through simplicity and a no-fuss look at what they're signing up for.


Sandy Kenrick 

Sandy Kenrick started out her financial career as an assistant to a financial adviser. This was the perfect stepping stone into the world of retail banking, where she spent a significant portion of her career working with small businesses with a special focus on startups and franchises. 

While her job was focused on the analytical side of personal and business finance, she longed to stretch her creative muscles. She spent a year in insurance but was still tied to a desk while her musician husband travelled. A client encouraged her to research freelance writing and after coffee dates with editors, she discovered a niche that paid her for her knowledge: finance. 

Swopping out benefits afforded by working the corporate machine meant that it needed to make sense. And it did. The flexible work schedule meant that Sandy could focus on her growing family, travel around the country, and enjoy all the simple pleasures in life such as slow mornings, 3AM creative bursts, and an endless supply of coffee. 

While freelance writer is one of the hats Sandy gets to wear, she often wears the hat of content strategist and tonality editor to ensure clients stay on track with their target audience. She's worked closely with financial blogs to do reviews and write editorials. Her work is featured on sites such as The Motley Fool UK, Bankrate, and The Simple Dollar. 



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We have worked with Sandy on a trading project. Sandy is great to work with, she has professional expertise in trading and finance content marketing. Very positive attitude to the project. As a content coordinator and editor, Sandy earns my highest recommendation. -- Kristina Trushyna SEO Manager Growth Box Ventures Limited
Ms. Kenrick has been a colleague of mine at Palladous Marketing for the past 3 years. In the time I have worked with her, she has provided valuable insight, ideas, and creativity to the writing team. Her dedication to providing quality content and innovative angles has no doubt ensured our clients are kept happy and satisfied. As a fellow senior writer, I am honored to be working alongside her and I value her contribution to the team. With that in mind, I can guarantee that her work will be first-rate and hiring her will be a worthwhile investment. 

Thank you. 

 Yours sincerely, 
Vedwantie Sattrohan 
Senior Content Writer 
Palladous Marketing