My Services



I decided around 5 years ago to close my office door in the corporate world for a far more inviting mobile desk. It’s been rewarding!

Some of the projects I’ve worked on, include:

  • Self-help e-books
  • Marketing content
  • Financial blogs and articles
  • Insurance blogs
  • Attorney service snippets
  • Forex content
  • Banking and insurance reviews
  • Tech reviews
  • SaaS content


Copywriting came as a surprise and I didn’t know I was doing it until a client specified the role on my contract. I was a fresher at the time, and as the role fleshed out, I went from blah blah blah to sit yaself down, Mama’s gotta tell ya sumtin’. Also, buy this thang.


Geotargeting and Regional Content

I’m not always behind the writer’s desk. Sometimes, I get to wear the editing cap and make subtle changes to content to suit various regional styles, such as UK and US English.


Hours Writing


Ghostwritten Articles