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Welcome to the end of blank page and boring content! Breaking down financial jargon and technical geek terms is my special sauce. While I specialise in finance, business, and tech, I have done my fair share of travel and lifestyle content too. Check out my services page to learn more.

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It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

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We have worked with Sandy on a trading project. Sandy is great to work with, she has professional expertise in trading and finance content marketing. Very positive attitude to the project. As a content coordinator and editor, Sandy earns my highest recommendation.


Kristina Trushyna

SEO Manager   

Growth Box Ventures Limited

Ms. Kenrick has been a colleague of mine at Palladous Marketing for the past 3 years. In the time I have worked with her, she has provided valuable insight, ideas, and creativity to the writing team. Her dedication to providing quality content and innovative angles has no doubt ensured our clients are kept happy and satisfied. As a fellow senior writer, I am honored to be working alongside her and I value her contribution to the team. With that in mind, I can guarantee that her work will be first-rate and hiring her will be a worthwhile investment.

Vedwantie Sattrohan
Senior Content Writer
Palladous Marketing
Copypress Certification as Copywriter

Copypress Certification as Copywriter